Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Critters every day!

Hello once again... I am so lapse at this blogging thing...
I meant to do this every day, not every 6 months. Jeesh. I have been super busy creating Quilty Critters, and just this week, batches of Western styled animals!

It seems like I never quite have to the time to get anything done, but what they hey. I hope to someday finish my education, get a real job, and support myself so I don't have to rely upon a man and then perhaps I'll find the elusive happiness that so far, in my almost 53 years, I haven't found. (Other than through the eyes of my beloved children).
Anyway, too deep to get into that - I hope to post some new Quilty Pix.
Enjoy - and have a happy day!

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