Thursday, May 28, 2009

link trouble

got to and look for Queenartist or Quilty Critters....

New site for Critters!

Well, I haven't written in a while so here it is... today's blog that no one will read. I'm not sure why people blog but here I am 'doing 'it' I blog because I am trying desperately to promote my Quilty Critter business, since I don't have a job this is my only means of income.
Not doing so hot, not financially, not emotionally, not any way.
I ma not sure what will become of me and my life but I sure am tired of it. i am tired of wanting a better life. I'm tired of being promised things that never materialize, and I don't mean material objects either.
I think I should be alone and become a hermit and just be an artist and just create all alone because it is the only world where i am able to escape for a little while and pretend everything is going well. They shut our phone off now, and I am so sick of shut off notices it isn't funny. Well at least I still have a roof over my head (for now...)

I wish things were better, I wish my children's lives were better, and for the life of me I cannot understand why some people have it SO good, while the rest of us schumcks just plod through this sad life.
Anyway, enough of that shit, here's a link I paid $12 for. Like I could afford that.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

been so busy...

... I forgot to add a quilty or two yesterday!
I have been trying to get more International series done, but my son just came back from living in Portland, Oregon for nearly 2 years. I welcome him back with open arms, as I have been lonely and oh, so sad. It's quiet in the house when the children are grown and gone, and the husband I chose is a pilot who is quite frankly never at home, and when he is, well, let's just say the honeymoon is over. So my need to create is great. It fill my silent, lonely hours with an imaginary world of happiness. I have never had idle hands and even though I am sure I have a nasty case of carpal tunnel as well as bursitis in my right arm, I still cannot help the need to be doing something ALL the time. I should read more, and yet, as interested as I am in reading I feel that time should be spent creating so that I will have my 15 minutes of fame. Maybe some day? I'm sure as hell not getting any younger.
But let's get back to the quilty of the day - I think I choose my ballerina series since recital time is here. They recall the days of running my daughter to dance class, and going to her wonderful performances. She's the most amazing dancer - I could be mesmerized for hours watching her gentle and precise movements. She is gifted. All my children are, and they amaze me. I am very proud. Anyway - here you have it, critters of the day - Tiny Dancers! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer's Here! Dancing in the streets!

Good morning to whomever happens to stroll onto this blog.
I have been busy as a bee creating new critters for my etsy site...and here comes the summer! I've created a Hula Hula girl mousie, a matching surfer dude complete with tiny surf board, and several East Hampton beach inspired 'Beach Babies' (tiny kitty cats decked out in bikini's - and they even have a naval piercing!)

Suntan babe looks like her belly is burned... ooooh poor baby!

I also have been creating more International series, yesterday I completed 4 Japanese Geisha's, A Dutch/Holland couple Cat and Mouse, started an Italy Pizza Maker Monkey, two pale pink glamour puss's, a professor mousie, and I forget what else. You know what they say about idle hands! Can't say that's me!

Have a great day, thanks for looking....and of course, they can be found on under queenartist!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everyday a new critter as I promised

Today's critter - Japanese Geisha Kitty.
I've created an International Series of Quilty Critters, and so far I have made Germany, (Beer drinking mice) Scotland (A Scotch Terrier with golf clubs), Mexico (of course, a guitar playing/tequila drinking Chihuahua), Italy (Pizza monkey), Hawaii, USA (Surfer dude and hula girl) Ireland (several styles) Holland - Dutch Mr. and Mrs. Cat and Mousie! and I have plans for many other countries. You can find my critters readily available on - that is queenartist/ and of course, since I started this blog, just convo me at any time if you would like a Quilty Critter of your very own Prices start at about $5 and go up to about $25 for a 'super sized' quilty, they are 7"-8" and about 5 times the size of my tiny ones. I can make ANYTHING I can draw or anyone else can suggest, I've even done a series of Louisina state animals and fish, and snakes and bugs!
Stayed tuned each day - this is too much fun! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A new Critter Every day

Today I'm thinking about Monkeys. Now you will be, too! I think monkeys are the funniest of my Critters, and I try to put a little humor into each and every one. I have so many different styles but I'd have to say the favorite seems to be the 'Funky Drunky Monkey's', which have some sort of drink in their tiny paws. So silly. Creating these critters are such a joy and a comfort to me, I am at a point in my life where I haven't had a 'real' job for a very long time, and am putting myself through art school at the tender age of, er, well, if you must know go look at my profile info. To be able to use my skills in textile work seems only natural, like a monkey picking nits out of a fellow monkeys head... well, maybe not that extreme. The skills that I have obtained through the years are a direct result of living with a dear, sweet aunt in Hackettstown, NJ, growing up. She taught me all the traditional skills of sewing and embroidery - and I shall be eternally grateful. It is so relaxing and comforting that I never realize that what I am doing is actually 'my work', and yet, it is. There have been weeks (quite recently) where I was able to earn several hundred dollars just from my little critters, which, in this day and age, is amazing! That's all for today's blog - enjoy the Monkey. More tomorrow...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's surfer dude!

I thought that I ought to present the boyfriend, Surfer Dude mouse, so without further ado - here he is! Enjoy!

New Critters every day!

Here's a little Hula Girl Mousie, and she has a boyfriend named Surfer Dude. Every time I create character mice, they end up selling very quickly, so i do try to come up with new and funny characters every week.
I started an International series which includes mice, monkeys, and cats representing Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Holland, and the USA with plans for more critters to come.

my Quilty Critters

Hello, my name is Brenda Gehrke, and I am a textile artist.
I have been creating a joyful little character for several years now, and I call them 'Quilty Critters'.
I started out a few years back at Christmastime. I had always liked to make things for my friends and family as small tokens of appreciation, and this particular year I made little hand made Kitty Cats from antique quilt bits, felt, thread, and vintage buttons. I soon began to use more and more 'found' miniature objects and I also began to sell them at local cafe's and stores. Then I decided to go onto ebay and see if I could 'have a go' at it. Well, I sold about 200 of the little critters in the first year. The only problem with ebay, though, is that is simply costs too much to list and most folks want a bargain, and artworks should never go for 'bargain' basement prices after being lovingly created from rare and unusual materials.
Then my son told me about a craft site called 'Etsy' - which I checked out, and soon began to sell them here. This is where I currently sell my critters, which range from Kitty Cats, to Dogs, all sorts of farm animals, woodland critters, a ton of birds, sea life, and well, you name it.
This is my first blog and so I am hoping that everyone will enjoy it!
I will add to this as I 'go along'. Enjoy!