Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everyday a new critter as I promised

Today's critter - Japanese Geisha Kitty.
I've created an International Series of Quilty Critters, and so far I have made Germany, (Beer drinking mice) Scotland (A Scotch Terrier with golf clubs), Mexico (of course, a guitar playing/tequila drinking Chihuahua), Italy (Pizza monkey), Hawaii, USA (Surfer dude and hula girl) Ireland (several styles) Holland - Dutch Mr. and Mrs. Cat and Mousie! and I have plans for many other countries. You can find my critters readily available on - that is queenartist/ and of course, since I started this blog, just convo me at any time if you would like a Quilty Critter of your very own Prices start at about $5 and go up to about $25 for a 'super sized' quilty, they are 7"-8" and about 5 times the size of my tiny ones. I can make ANYTHING I can draw or anyone else can suggest, I've even done a series of Louisina state animals and fish, and snakes and bugs!
Stayed tuned each day - this is too much fun! Have a wonderful day!

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