Monday, May 18, 2009

my Quilty Critters

Hello, my name is Brenda Gehrke, and I am a textile artist.
I have been creating a joyful little character for several years now, and I call them 'Quilty Critters'.
I started out a few years back at Christmastime. I had always liked to make things for my friends and family as small tokens of appreciation, and this particular year I made little hand made Kitty Cats from antique quilt bits, felt, thread, and vintage buttons. I soon began to use more and more 'found' miniature objects and I also began to sell them at local cafe's and stores. Then I decided to go onto ebay and see if I could 'have a go' at it. Well, I sold about 200 of the little critters in the first year. The only problem with ebay, though, is that is simply costs too much to list and most folks want a bargain, and artworks should never go for 'bargain' basement prices after being lovingly created from rare and unusual materials.
Then my son told me about a craft site called 'Etsy' - which I checked out, and soon began to sell them here. This is where I currently sell my critters, which range from Kitty Cats, to Dogs, all sorts of farm animals, woodland critters, a ton of birds, sea life, and well, you name it.
This is my first blog and so I am hoping that everyone will enjoy it!
I will add to this as I 'go along'. Enjoy!

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