Saturday, May 23, 2009

been so busy...

... I forgot to add a quilty or two yesterday!
I have been trying to get more International series done, but my son just came back from living in Portland, Oregon for nearly 2 years. I welcome him back with open arms, as I have been lonely and oh, so sad. It's quiet in the house when the children are grown and gone, and the husband I chose is a pilot who is quite frankly never at home, and when he is, well, let's just say the honeymoon is over. So my need to create is great. It fill my silent, lonely hours with an imaginary world of happiness. I have never had idle hands and even though I am sure I have a nasty case of carpal tunnel as well as bursitis in my right arm, I still cannot help the need to be doing something ALL the time. I should read more, and yet, as interested as I am in reading I feel that time should be spent creating so that I will have my 15 minutes of fame. Maybe some day? I'm sure as hell not getting any younger.
But let's get back to the quilty of the day - I think I choose my ballerina series since recital time is here. They recall the days of running my daughter to dance class, and going to her wonderful performances. She's the most amazing dancer - I could be mesmerized for hours watching her gentle and precise movements. She is gifted. All my children are, and they amaze me. I am very proud. Anyway - here you have it, critters of the day - Tiny Dancers! Enjoy!

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