Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer's Here! Dancing in the streets!

Good morning to whomever happens to stroll onto this blog.
I have been busy as a bee creating new critters for my etsy site...and here comes the summer! I've created a Hula Hula girl mousie, a matching surfer dude complete with tiny surf board, and several East Hampton beach inspired 'Beach Babies' (tiny kitty cats decked out in bikini's - and they even have a naval piercing!)

Suntan babe looks like her belly is burned... ooooh poor baby!

I also have been creating more International series, yesterday I completed 4 Japanese Geisha's, A Dutch/Holland couple Cat and Mouse, started an Italy Pizza Maker Monkey, two pale pink glamour puss's, a professor mousie, and I forget what else. You know what they say about idle hands! Can't say that's me!

Have a great day, thanks for looking....and of course, they can be found on under queenartist!

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