Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A new Critter Every day

Today I'm thinking about Monkeys. Now you will be, too! I think monkeys are the funniest of my Critters, and I try to put a little humor into each and every one. I have so many different styles but I'd have to say the favorite seems to be the 'Funky Drunky Monkey's', which have some sort of drink in their tiny paws. So silly. Creating these critters are such a joy and a comfort to me, I am at a point in my life where I haven't had a 'real' job for a very long time, and am putting myself through art school at the tender age of, er, well, if you must know go look at my profile info. To be able to use my skills in textile work seems only natural, like a monkey picking nits out of a fellow monkeys head... well, maybe not that extreme. The skills that I have obtained through the years are a direct result of living with a dear, sweet aunt in Hackettstown, NJ, growing up. She taught me all the traditional skills of sewing and embroidery - and I shall be eternally grateful. It is so relaxing and comforting that I never realize that what I am doing is actually 'my work', and yet, it is. There have been weeks (quite recently) where I was able to earn several hundred dollars just from my little critters, which, in this day and age, is amazing! That's all for today's blog - enjoy the Monkey. More tomorrow...

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